Foreign Luxury Cars Perfect for VIPs

The foreign luxury cars used by society’s movers and shakers often have German DNA even if they are sporting a British emblem. For years Rolls Royce and Bentley were the go to brands for wealthy and powerful individuals that wanted to be transported in understated comfort and style. Today both of these marques are still very popular at the top of the automotive food chain, but Rolls Royce is now owned by BMW and Bentley by the VW Audi Read the rest of this entry »

Bigger Is Better in the Private Car Market

When it comes to planning a large event, transportation is one aspect that is often an issue. However, the good news is that there are some great and luxurious options available to you. For example, renting out a large luxury vehicle is always a great idea when planning for a large, special event where transportation is needed. This is a great way to enjoy the experience of having a private chauffeur and to avoid the hassle of trying to get around.

There are plenty of luxury vehicles to choose from for those who are Read the rest of this entry »

Amenities VIPs Expect in Hired Vehicles

These days, the business of hired vehicles is booming and this is only expected to continue in the future. So if you are looking for a profitable business venture to embark on, then you very well may be looking into the option of opening up your own hired vehicle or luxury chauffeur company. Before you purchase your vehicles and launch your business, however, it is vital that you know what your customers want. Specifically, you should make yourself aware of Read the rest of this entry »

Discontinued Vehicles Reshaping Livery Industry

The discontinuation of the Lincoln Town Car has caused quite a shakeup among the country’s livery companies. The venerable full-size rear-wheel drive luxury car was the backbone of countless livery services, while the similar but downmarket Ford Crown Victoria delivered years of tireless service to taxi companies and law enforcement officials. Changing crash standards and an emphasis on fuel efficiency rendered both of these traditional body-on-frame sedans obsolete and the impact is still being felt by livery companies nationwide.

As a result, livery services have had to adapt to Read the rest of this entry »

Chauffeured Vehicle Market Constantly Evolving in the U.S.

These days, chauffeured vehicles are essentially a must-have for those who need a safe, reliable, and luxurious way to go about getting around with a large group of people. After all, figuring out public transportation with a large group can not only be cumbersome, but it can be expensive and detract from the overall experience of a night out. Furthermore, the chauffeured vehicle market is only expected to continue its expansion over the course of the next several years, making this a great potential business venture to embark on.

There are a number of chauffeured vehicle Read the rest of this entry »

Top Picks for Chauffeured Luxury Vehicles

Choosing a vehicle for use with a chauffeur requires more thought than just finding a car with good looks and gas mileage. The car must fit the mold of a car driven by someone else. Top choices for chauffeured cars include:

Bentley Mulsanne
The Mulsanne is the best Bentley makes, not only the best in terms of craftsmanship, but it terms of thoughtful additions to the comfort and entertainment of the owner. The motor is silent, the ride indistinguishable from sitting in a good leather chair. The interior is all rich leather and proper wood. The appointments include heated rear seats with eight way power adjustment, ambient mood lighting, progressive Car Insurance, a leather-lined trunk (by the way, Bentley uses an older method of tanning that makes the leather exquisitely supple to the touch) and seats shaped to the owners body type.

Rolls Royce Phantom
The English aren’t known for being decadently opulent. The Phantom is, however, and it does it with enthusiasm. The expected standard of incredible leather and finest wood is present, but so is a sheepskin carpet and umbrellas (out of sight in hidden compartments in the doors), privacy curtains and a wine cooler mounted in the trunk. The owner never notices it, but the engine is a superb 6.7 liter V12, quiet as a baby’s dream. Remember, these are the people who built engines for the Spitfire fighter planes that defeated the Hun seventy years ago. They know how to do it.